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New player ?

Let’s make one thing clear: this game won’t punish you for any choice you make. Even when mutually exclusive options are presented, you will get other occasions to try and pick the ones you haven’t yet, or get the same rewards by other means.

Check out Starter Bots if you want, for example, but rest assured you’ll get all 3 of them eventually !

Botworld is well worth exploring at your own pace, and won’t punish you for trying stuff or fooling around, so really you can stop reading and go straight in !

Alternatively, have a look at all the new bots you’ll encounter soon or go and read Getting Started.



  • Exploring: Infos and Tips about Canisters, Mobs, Critters, Mega, Bosses, Random Encounters, Level Scaling…
    • Maps: Full Pictures, Wild Bots, Locations of Interest…
    • Danger Zones: Tips, Random Encounters, Exterminator Squads…
    • Bosses: list of Bosses and tips on how to face them.
    • Codex: the new Codex missions & outfits.
    • Boat Upgrades Guide: list & maps.
    • Bots Materials: full list.
    • Farming Guide: the most efficient ways to get lots of anything.
    • Fishing Guide: all about the fishing mechanic.
    • Loot: Chests, Scrap Piles, Botframes, Ancient Ruins, High Grounds, Drop Rates…
  • Arena: Solo Arena, Squad Cup, Arena Masters descriptions & Tips
  • Seasons: Starter Season vs Global Season, Rewards.
  • Story: Quests, Characters (NPCs), Lore

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