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Arena Guide

You can find Info about Arena Masters here

Solo Arena

Notable Rewards


  • Opponents: they’re player-created Comps, controlled by the game AI.
  • Matchmaking: You get matched against opponents at around the same rank as yours. If you’ve been performing better than most people at your level, you’ll end up facing harder and harder opponents!
  • Arena level: the level displayed in arena isn’t the actual Botpack Level, but simply the average of the 6 bots used. It has no impact on anything.
  • Gains/Losses: The higher your absolute ranking, the less you will earn per win, and the more you will lose per loss.
Ranking Range 0-1k 1k-2k 2k-3k 3k-4k 4k-5k 5k+
Opponents lvl 4-11 8-13 10-16 14-21 20-25 25
Points* +?/-? +?/-? +?/-? +50/-50 +3x/-6x +10/-70
  • Just know that you will always face outliers, simply because they’ve performed better or worse than others for their current level
  • * very rough estimates from memory


Comps & Combos, Fighting Tips & Combat Guide

Squad Cup


  • Opponents: they’re also player-created Comps, controlled by the game AI. Plus each of your recruits will face the opponent’s recruits
  • Matchmaking: You get matched against opponents at around the same Solo League rank as yours.
  • Arena level: the level displayed in arena isn’t the actual Botpack Level, but simply the average of the 6 bots used. It has no impact on anything.
  • Wins: You and your recruits are four/three so there is four/three rounds. You have to win more rounds than the opponent to
  • Recruits Comps
  • Comps & Combos  

Arena Masters


Brad is your introduction into the Arena and the owner of the Arena. He won’t let you battle the real masters unless you defeat him first.

300px arenamaster brad


  • You can’t mess this up. just place your strongest bots and be done with it, but make sure you control his Chomp


Astrid is an arena master who doesn’t believe in reserves and likes to deploy all of her 6 bots in the arena preparing for chaos. Nothing but a Chaotic Arena Master

300px arenamaster astrid



Kelvin is a cool Arena Botmaster who uses Frost bots and Frost abilities. He also uses a sniper to support his remaining bots. A very cool Arena Botmaster that likes to cool things.

300px arenamaster kelvin



After you’ve defeated Kelvin:

  • Kelvin: Wow i got melted, I’m just going to go and chill somehwere for a while. Take your blue series botpack and leave me be.


Reginald is a dueling master who likes to battle someone with one bot at a time. While the rules are simple to fight with, he carries a long-lasting Freeze ability with a stun resistance booster for his bots. A very mean arena master with an attitude.

300px arenamaster reginald


You can cheese this fight by using long-lasting abilities like Corrode, Unstable Plasma, Zap Tower, etc. When one of your bots die, the enemy bot will not move until you place your next one, but the time keeps running (while slowed down), which means you’ll still generate Botpack Power, Corrode will still do damage, the Towers will keep on attacking and abilities like Unstable Plasma will continue charging and eventually blow up.

  • Time those abilities well and use them right when your bot is about to die, so that you can just wait for his bot to die before placing your next one.
  • This is specially effective to deal with his best 1v1 bots, Slicer and Froggy
  • Always wait until you have 10 Botpack Power before placing your next bot, it’ll allow you to dodge his abilities while saving power to use when your current bot is about to die
  • Still counter his picks, but save your strongest bots to finish the fight, since you won’t be able to cheese your way out entirely

If you want to fight fairly, your top priority will be to avoid the Freeze Balls. Two ways around it:

  • Have a lucky battlefield with obstacles. Can’t have that every time, but you will eventually.
  • Gave Chaos Translocator at hand and save power to use it in a pinch

Proximity Translocator can be used instead of Chaos Translocator and work considerably better, because you can choose where to teleport your bot.

Then, tip your comp heavily towards ranged bots so you can kill from afar. Some Chasers are cool, but definetly no tanks.

Must-have abilities: Chaos Translocator, Imobilize, Proximity translocator

Good to have: Gust, Freeze, Super-Charge

The more snipers you have, the better. Longshot is king and easy to get, Chomp is so-so but okay. Put them down on the field, keep the enemies away with Imobilize/Gust/Freeze, save 2p for CT to dodge Freeze Ball, and occasionally Overcharge if you can afford it.

Some hidden gems amongst bots:

  • Rocketeer AI3: with the knockback effect, it can keep mobs away virtually forever. 100% can easily solo Brute, and then some.
  • Slicer AI4: immune to slow and freeze. Great Frosty counter.

Frosty counters Reginald’s Slicer and Brute, but make sure it to not take too much damage for them or Reginald will place Froggy or Longshot


  • Reginald: You offend me with your lack of skill, there will be barely any honour to be gained with my victory.

After you’ve defeated Reginald:

  • Reginald: I’m finished, done! How can I ever show my face in this town again? Here’s your red series botpack, may you glow with its magnificence.


An Arena Master whose bots are all Melees. While Jack loves to have Melee bots, he will deploy 4 bots at a time.

300px arenamaster jack



  • Jack: C’mon, let’s get into it. I’m gonna thump your bots back into scrap. Don’t even think of running away.

After you’ve defeated Jack:

  • Jack: Hmmph, you were just out of my reach. Go on, grab a purple series botpack, knock yourself out!


A more chaotic Arena Master and that is Nicola. Nicola never runs out of Botpack power. Prepare to fight, prepare to dodge cause this Arena Master will make your battle, filled with chaos.

300px arenamaster nicola



  • Nicola: Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge me up, haha. Just you wait I’m brimming with power, or don’t wait, lets battle right now, I’m wired!

After you’ve defeated Nicola:

  • Nicola: I’ve never felt so flat, I’m completely drained, gonna take some time out to recharge. I guess this orange series botpack is yours.


She used to spam Zap Towers like back when that ability was 5p and had a higher rate of fire! Good times…


A monk lizard who strives for balance. Pairing 2 bots at a time to make the perfect fighting team (pretty much like Brads but with reserves). Scales don’t want your bots to use its ult. whenever your bots escaped from his, he will teleport his bots to yours with an explosive entrance. make sure you choose your bots carefully

300px arenamaster scales



  • Scales I look forward to our duel, I always enjoy a challenge though I am confident you won’t shake me.

After you’ve defeated Scales:

  • Scales: I am unsettled… perhaps a new age is dawning. You deserve this prismatic botpack, the most perfectly balanced series that exists.*Scales:** I am unsettled… perhaps a new age is dawning. You deserve this prismatic botpack, the most perfectly balanced series that exists.


This pop star turned judge waits for you to place bots before delivering her “stunning” verdict. She uses 4 bots at a time and starts placing only after the player has put their bots onto the battlefield.

300px arenamaster laydee



  • Laydee: I hope you don’t stage fright, ‘cause my bots are about to hurl some critique your way!

After you defeated Laydee:

  • Laydee: Normally I don’t take kindly to being upstaged, but that was a 10/10 performance back there. You deserve this.


Credit to GlareFacer for the orinigal work of listing all the masters on discord!, Emph_asis, debb, Echio

Rayran was here👀


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