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Unique Bosses

They are special and challenging enemies that can be found throughout Botworld!

These Bosses are either tough Danger Zone gatekeepers or challenging milestones for your Codex’s progression

  • All of them can be damaged by Gadgets, Recruits and neutral hazards (such as Landmines, Molten Rock’s Fireballs/Flamethrowers and Cleanerbots)

Mega Bots

Giant bots that can appear as bosses on Danger Zones or as Contract objectives

All Mega Bots have 50% stun resistance and Hack immunity (Hack, Hack Missile and Virus)

Mega Slicer

300px Mega Slicer

Squishy boss with a really high melee damage output


You should avoid melee combat while facing Mega Slicer, his damage output is too high to be worth tanking

Mega Chainer

300px Mega Chainer

Tanky boss that deals moderate AoE melee damage


Even though his damage is on the lower side of Mega Bots, your squishy [Snipers]() and [Splashers]() won’t be able to endure his blows, so having tools to avoid his Multi-chain or to quickly take your bots out of his attack zone is essential when facing Mega Chainer

Mega Froggy

300px Mega Froggy

A toxic backline wiper


Mega Froggy is an elusive and tricky to deal with bot, but he’s not that intimidating once you disable his Poison Tank

  • Using melee damage dealers such as Brawlers or Chasers isn’t advisable since he can leap away from melee units and his basic attacks apply slow
  • The main threat is his Poison Tank, so having tools to avoid that such as Hyperdrain or Team Translocator will take down most of it’s offensive power
  • Mega Froggy is a squishy boss, so using the Bigshot + Vanish combo will take him down quite fast
  • In case you enough lack ranged firepower to bring him down fast, Link is a great pick in terms of Tanks due to his ability to protect other bots paired with his high Energy Resistance with the right AI tree

Mega Pluggie

300px Mega Pluggie

The powerhouse of Mega Bots


Mega Pluggie is an all-rounder Mega Bot, altough his health isn’t that high he has melee damage reflection with Electric Shock, energy damage resistance, CC and AoE, making him one of the toughest Mega Bots around Botworld

  • Avoid letting your bots stay close to each other, otherwise Chain Lightining and Electrocute will pack a really good punch
  • Using melee damage dealers like Chasers and Brawlers is a double-edge sword, they’ll be able to stagger Mega Pluggie’s attacks while they chase, but Electric Shock will take your bots down quite fast
  • Since he resists energy damage, using bots that deal long range physical damage, like Bullseye and Longshot is advised
  • Link is a great Tank choice due to his high energy damage resistance, along with supportive bots such as Halo or Beat that would provide extra damage and survivability during the fight
  • Since Mega Pluggie’s attack range is quite small, using Icicool’s CC + Rocketeer’s knockback will let you protect your ranged bots safe, allowing you to beat it from a safe distance (Credits to Kart)

Ps. Link can be made immune to Mega Pluggie’s attacks by using 4x Epic Energy Resistance boosters on top of his 40% Energy Resistance AI perk.

Mega Frosty

300px Mega Frosty

The ultimate melee counter


Although having low damage, Mega Frosty can be hard to deal with if you lack proper ranged attackers, since facing him with melee bots will be extremely difficult due to his powerfull CC abilities

  • Using the same strategies listed for Mega Pluggie against Mega Frosty will do the trick, but you must be prepared to reposition your bots after he teleports, since he can still beat your Sniper and Splashers with ease
  • His slow, stun and teleports will basically disable most melee damage dealers (Chasers and Brawlers), but units with CC immunity AI perks (like Slicer, for example) can still be used effectively
  • Poison effects can be a great tool for piling up damage (Hornet and Fork + Hypercharge)
  • As with Mega Pluggie, Link can also be made immune to Mega Frosty’s attacks with the addition of 4x Epic Energy Resistance boosters

Mega Dunebug

300px Mega Dunebug

The fastest and most eluvise Mega Bot


Although squishy, Mega Dunebug is really hard to deal with if you lack enough long range firepower since you won’t be able to keep him still for long

  • The best way to beat him is by using Chainer and Vortex to keep him in range long enough for your Snipers to take him down
  • The Bigshot + Vanish combo can nuke him down quite easily
  • If you don’t have enough firepower to bring him down quickly, using Hyperdrain or Barrier Wall can save you from his death roll

Ps. It might be tricky to use Pupil against him since Mega Dunebug will constantly roll around, reseting the laser’s damage progression

Mega Icicool

300px Mega Icicool

A squishy frost turret


Mega Icicool is an evasive mega bot that has plenty of slows to abuse, which means using non-CC immune Chasers and Brawlers isn’t a great idea. Even though he is squishy and his damage isn’t high for a mega bot, his ult can easily burst one of your melee bots if it lands right

  • Bursting him quickly is advised to prevent him from ulting, so the Bigshot + Vanish is a good call for this one
  • You can use Hyperdrain to keep him from ulting
  • If you lack proper long-ranged damage dealers, using poison (Fork, Poison Trail) and CC immune melee bots (Slicer, Yanky) will be a good way to go
  • Since he’s damage is energy-based, Link will be your best choice as a Tank. He and Frosty can also be made immune to energy damage with the addition of 4x Epic Energy Resistance Botpack boosters

Mega Slash

300px Mega Slash

A melee glass cannon


Mega Slash is really weak against “Hit and Run” strategies, since he has no tools to close the gap between him and your bots. Using Evaders will make facing him a walk in the park

  • Using melee units aside from Tanks isn’t adivised, Mega Slash has a really high damage output along with CCs, so he’ll be able to beat squishy Chasers rather easily
  • Frosty, Dunebug and Flamer can beat him up while keeping a safe distance, therefore being extremly effective against him
  • The Bigshot + Vanish combo will be quite effective since Mega Slash has a low health pool and no energy damage resistance

Roaming bosses

Special bosses that appear roaming in specific maps, they can be either Super Bots or Unique Bandits and beating them will grant a Codex achievement

Super Bots have 50% stun resistance, Hack immunity (Hack, Hack Missile and Virus) and a fixed loadout

Unique Bandits have 6 bots in their loadout

Super Flamer - Base level 15

300px Super Flamer

The first Super Bot you’ll face on your journey

Roams around: Great Desert

Bots:1x Mega Flamer, 1x Yanky


Super Flamer can be hard to deal with while you’re underleved, since his AoE damage will be quite punishing for weaker bots

  • The best way to deal with him is by using ranged bots, since he has no resistance both energy and physical damage are effective
  • Longshot is a good pick and can be obtained early through the Arena, Lobbie will also prove himself useful by providing consistent damage and his Ult’s CC
  • As for Tanks, you should go with a big wall to keep him occupied as long as possible, some easy-to-get choices are Barrie and Bullwark. Chainer can be obtained through the Arena and could help with positioning control during the fight
  • Tether is easy to get and can be a really good disabler to use against Mega Flamer, preventing him from moving and reaching your squishy Snipers and Splashers
  • Random Drop bots that are also great in this fight are: Link, Bigshot, Pupil, Halo, Pluggie (Arena), Beat (Arena) and Mort

Wold Pack Alpha - Base level 20

300px Wolf Pack Alpha

Roams around: Fall Grove

Bots: 2x Slicer, 2x Ram, 2x Longshot

Abilities: Tornado Bolt, Knockback, Gust, Charge Field


Fork Tongue Fanatics Leader - Base level 22

300px Fork Tongue Fanatics Leader

Roams around: Saltwater Swamp

Bots: 2x Fork, 2x Thump, 2x Froggy

Abilities: Poison Trail, Hack, Immobilize Field, Vortex


Super K.O. - Base level 25

300px Super K.O.

He hits hard from the start and will snowball in power as the battle drags on

Roams around: Parched Sea

Bots:1x Super K.O., 1x Halo


Super K.O. is quite bulky and hits really hard, so it’s not easily tanked

Super Virus - Base level 30

300px Super Virus

The strongest Roaming Boss

Roams around: Spore Wood

Bots: 1x Super Virus, 1x Fork, 1x K.O.


Super Virus isn’t the only threat in this fight, if you focus on him Fork will wipe out your Snipers and Splashers

General Tips and Tricks

Higher level Bosses are though to face, but there are some tricks you can use to chip their health away before actually facing them, making the fight much easier

Use the Environment

There are several neutral hazards spread throughout Botworld, some are easy to use, others not so much, but here are some tips on how to use them effectively against most enemies.

Shockwave Generator is your most versatile tool

Its defensive applications are obvious, pushing enemies away and staggering them for a short period, but this Gadget can also be used offensively by pushing enemies into Landmines and Cleanerbots, or by locking them into Poison Clouds or in a Flamethrower’s line of fire

  • Bandit pushed into Flamethrower

Bandit vs Flamethrower 320p (220kb)

Bandit vs Flamethrower 640p (812kb)

  • Enemy kept into a Poison Cloud

to be recorded

You can bait them into those environmental hazards by simply running around, but using Shockwave Generator will allow you to efficiently get the most benefit out of them

Know your Gadgets and Plan Ahead

Mine and Bombardment are powerful tools for taking down though enemies when used correctly. Understanding how to lay them efficiently and knowing how much damage they deal will allow you to plan ahead on how and when you’ll use them

Use this data to plan ahead and choose where and how you’ll use your Gadget to get the most out of each precious charge. For example, when inside a Danger Zone you’d rather use your Mines instead of your Invisibility to easily get past a Boss that’s located on a narrow pathway because you know you might need to backtrack.

Credits to @Templar and @Noob

Cheesing Boss fights (Mega and Super Bots)

This strategy consists in locking the Boss into a Barrier Wall cell and make use of Bullseye’s Third Eye perk (AI Lv5), which allows him to hit through obstacles, to theoretically take any of them down safely

video Bullseye vs Mega Chainer 320p (907kb)

Bullseye + Barrier Wall vs Mega Chainer 640p (3,41MB)

P.s.: Of course, there are simpler ways of cheesing specific Boss fights, like using Frosty and Dune bug against melee Bosses, but that alone wouldn’t guarantee a win in most cases since the majority of them have tools to either disable your Bots (e.g. Super Virus’s Immobilize and Hack effects) or to quickly close the gap (e.g. Super K.O.’s speed boost and Mega Chainer’s hooks)

Credits: Echio

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