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Mom gave you a Botpack, now you’re a real Botmaster! With it you can control your bots, cast powerful abilities, equip useful boosters and use fun gadgets.

Botpack Modules by Pix


How well you use your Abilities will make or break difficult fights. Try and have a tool for most tricky situations you can get yourself into!

Find a detailled table with all the info about every Ability


Having the right Boosters will round up your playstyle and your comp.

-Stacking: multiplicative != additive To Be Written

Find a detailled table with all the info about every Booster


Kindly ask your dear Auntie

  • You can only fuse 3 of the exact same module. Eg: 3 Shields
  • Fusing will get you a module of the same type of the rarity one higher
  • Fusing is always random

Tip: don’t be too eager to fuse anything you might want to use later!

Botpack Level

  • The value you see on your botpack in the top-left corner
  • Impacts your damage abilities & mobs level scaling
  • Is equal to the average of the 6 highest level bots you own. Even if you’re not using them. Rounded up.



  • Activation: From your botpack (bottom right while in the wild) or at the start of a fight (turn off autobattle). Demo:

video demo of gadgets activation

  • Require: that you pay to unlock them, and equip them
  • Refresh: every time you leave town or when using Gadget Repair stations inside Danger Zones


300px Hack

She builds your them all for you! She bills you of course, but she’s very helpful and just about the only friendly Rat out there so really, you should just consider yourself lucky.

Damage Amplifier


  • Level 1: +25%, 2 uses
  • Level 2: +30%, 3 uses

Botpack Overclocker


  • Level 1: +35%, 3 uses
  • Level 2: +50%, 4 uses



Each strike deals slightly less than 1/3 of a Wild Bot/Bandit’s health bar worth of damage, value that is halved against Booses (needs confirmation). Striking a regular unit 3 times will leave them with close to no health, while striking a Boss 3 times will take away around 1/3 of it’s health bar.

  • Level 1: range 10, 2 uses
  • Level 2: range 14, 2 uses
  • Level 3: range 14, 3 uses

Speed Amplifier


  • Level 1: +30%, 3 uses
  • Level 2: +50%, 3 uses



Altough preventing enemies from detecting and following you, it won’t make you intangible, meaning you can still trigger traps and that bumping into enemies would still start a fight

  • Level 1: 5 sec duration, 1 use

Shockwave Generator


  • Level 1: 5 uses



Each Mine deals around 1/5th to 1/6th of a Boss’ health bar worth of damage, value that is doubled against regular Bandits and Wild bots. Mines can be stacked on top of each other in order to deal multiple simultaneous hits. Damaging regular units with 3 mines will defeat them, while damaging a Boss with 5 mines will bring it’s health bar down to around 5~10% (Credits to @Noob)

  • Level 1: 3 uses
  • Level 2: 5 uses

Ability Jammer


  • Level 1: 2 uses

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