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Robopedia: Every Bot in Botworld


Tanks soak up damage and protect weaker bots — Best placed up front

Bot Name Acquisition Overview
Image of the bot Barrie Barrie Random Drop A sturdy tank that doesn't rely on gimmicks, it just has a huge HP pool. Some tricks still, reflecting damages back to the attacker or healing from it can turn the tides of a battle if timed right.
Image of the bot Berserker Berserker Random Drop Very aggressive and mobile tank that'll run through the battlefield to push, stun, and damage enemy bots. Makes the life of your squishy bots that much easier.
Image of the bot Bullwark Bullwark Random Drop A tank in the most classical sense. The big damage reduction from the front allows it to soak lots of damage, allowing Bullwaark to always keep pushing forwards to disturb and stun.
Image of the bot Chainer Chainer Arena (1000) Chainer isn't too good at tanking, but it can make sure all other ally bots are safe. Chainer is best used to take control of the battlefield and make devastating combos
Image of the bot Thump Thump Starter Bot then Drop Some think it's an elephant, some say it's a gorilla. Whatever it is, Thump is one of the most unique tanks out there by trading off raw stats for better utility and supporting.
Image of the bot Link Link Season then Drop The ultimate damage absorber
Image of the bot Nozzle Nozzle Arena (4000) Distraction Turtle


Splashers damage multiple bots that are close together — best placed at the back

Bot Name Acquisition Overview
Image of the bot Lobbie Lobbie Random Drop best paired with chainer
Image of the bot Rocketeer Rocketeer Random Drop knockback expert
Image of the bot Bombee Bombee Random Drop This little bomb will take some bots with it if it can go under its own terms. Mostly a fun bot, useful for fast clears in low-stakes situations. Hard to use consistently in any competitive or challenging setting.
Image of the bot Mort Mort Random Drop The absolute mobile mortar of the game. Mort serves the role of an excellent nuker while still be a good sub dps/crowd controller from afar. However, the bot suffers a lot of cons to let it alone.
Image of the bot Pluggie Pluggie Arena (2000) The almighty splasher of botworld, best suited for anywhere. Great base stats along with great utility making Pluggie one of the most powerful all round bot.
Image of the bot Gyro Gyro Season then Drop
Image of the bot Sheller Sheller Season then Drop An new mechanic that'll be sure to make for some interesting situations on the battlefied. Has some attractive CC potential with stun, but feels like it'll suffer from getting harassed just like Mort


Snipers do a lot of damage from a distance — protect these bots as much as possible

Bot Name Acquisition Overview
Image of the bot Chomp Chomp Random Drop A sniper that shoots really fast and that you'll get from the very beginning. This is bot will teach you early on how damaging snipers can be if you protect them during battle.
Image of the bot Longshot Longshot Arena (200) Probably the most reliable and consistend ranged damage dealer. Other snipers have the potential to outperform it in the right situations, but Longshot will just get the job done no matter what.
Image of the bot Pupil Pupil Season then Drop Laser bot of the game, has very high raw damage stat but little health and requires its enemy to stand still. Pupil represents Botworld's glass cannon, a high risk high reward bot.
Image of the bot Bigshot Bigshot Random Drop Nothing is more scary than an enemy Bigshot about to shoot. Nothing is more satisfying than your own blasting through your opponents. But will it get to shoot?
Image of the bot Bullseye Bullseye Season then Drop If Pupil is a high risk high reward bot, then Bullseye further exceeds the definition. Can do more than just harming enemy bots, Bullseye is capable of shredding anything including tankers.


Chasers are fast melee bots that are good at getting close to ranged enemies — Let this bot get close to ranged damage dealers

Bot Name Acquisition Overview
Image of the bot Slash Slash Random Drop It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's one of your very first bots upon entering Botworld Adventure. With Slash in hand, you will be taught the basic tactics and strategies of using a chaser (against snipers/evaders). Slash provides a very high damage output, if not the highest, with the drawback of being nearly extremely squishy. Can kill very fast and can also die very fast.
Image of the bot Slicer Slicer Season then Drop Slicer has the highest DPS in the game (discounting [Slash](/slash)) and has the second-highest burst damage in the game (6208!), just below [Brute](/brute). Unlike [Brute](/brute) however, Slicer doesn't need any setup for his burst and has a respectable 15 mSPD ontop of a gapcloser ability, and he's immune to slows and roots too! He's not all too squishy either, overall a very scary, high-risk high-reward pick for any team.
Image of the bot Ram Ram Starter Bot then Drop With the HP of a tank, the damage of a brawler and the speed of a chaser, Ram simply has absurdly good stats. He has a place in any team that he's put in and does his job like no other bot can. His Horn Flick can be tricky to get used to. At endgame, chasers is often intervened by a tank while he's chasing a squishy bot. This allows him to throw the tank behind him and keep going.
Image of the bot Drill Drill Season then Drop No opinion yet.
Image of the bot Fork Fork Random Drop Half a Chaser, half an Evader. Very good at picking out ranged DPS bots that would otherwise stay safe far from the fight. Has a good kit to survive and stand its ground against most bots.
Image of the bot Phantom Phantom Season then Drop


Evaders are fast bots that are good at staying away from melee enemies — distract chasers with these bots!

Bot Name Acquisition Overview
Image of the bot Icicool Icicool Random Drop It's Ult can be either AoE when Icicool is far from the fight, or one of the most terrifying source of damage if the enemy is close enough to take all the icicles.
Image of the bot Dune Bug Dune Bug Story Quest A guaranteed bot you may get while progressing the storyline. Dune Bug may become your solid friend throughout the entire game being a sub dps/aoe unit with great survivability.
Image of the bot Flamer Flamer Season then Drop Very high damage output, every bit is AoE. This bot is all offense, and doesn't have much to survive by itself, even though it needs to be almost at melee range.
Image of the bot Froggy Froggy Starter Bot then Drop Inside the body of a frog, surprisingly Froggy doesn't usually hop, mostly just waddles. The middle of the road bot, not bad at everything but also doesn’t excel at anything.
Image of the bot Frosty Frosty Daily rewards a good crowd control bot
Image of the bot Hornet Hornet Arena (5000) Team Player
Image of the bot InkJet InkJet Season then Drop Now you see us, now you don't
Image of the bot Comet Comet Collect 50 Star Fragments and 10 Cosmic Cores Botworld's first legendary bot


Brawlers are good at fighting other melee bots — 1v1 is their specialty

Bot Name Acquisition Overview
Image of the bot Yanky Yanky Random Drop Best bot in 1v1 Stun lock
Image of the bot Brute Brute Random Drop Hits hard without holding anything back or caring for itself. Extremelly powerful when it connects, but has such a poor mobility you will need to help it get to its targets.
Image of the bot Scatter Scatter Random Drop dangerous when close
Image of the bot K.O. K.O. Season then Drop Boxer
Image of the bot Nibbles Nibbles Season then Drop The 1v1 bot overhauler
Image of the bot Virus Virus Uberbot One of the top viable bots in the game. Virus can absolute destroy enemy team by hijacking a unit, thus making it possible to solo against several bots without trouble.


Supports make your other bots more effective — best placed beside tanks

Bot Name Acquisition Overview
Image of the bot Tether Tether Random Drop Dr. Octopus
Image of the bot Halo Halo Random Drop Not to be confused with Halo Franchise. An average ranged supporter outshined by Beat because there is not many situations where Halo does great, at least it has done its job well.
Image of the bot Beat Beat Arena (3000) Mostly attractive for the combo potential, boosting everyone's damage can be extremely powerful. Also a suprisingly viable melee bot with Stun and decent HP/dmg
Image of the bot Bouncer Bouncer Season then Drop
Image of the bot Gusto Gusto Random Drop Kobe
Image of the bot Shuffle Shuffle Season then Drop Intended to be an rng bot with the ability of using different botpack abilities, Shuffle turns out to be far better than people have expected as it is able to easily wipe out most foes.


Getting your bot to AI5 will make it so much better, AI trees are very powerful. For some bots and some combos (Chainer!) AI5 is an absolute game-changer


  • It costs 100 gold per bot AI level.
  • You can only reset them all at once.

XP Costs

AI level 1 2 3 4 5
xp req 500 2000 5000 14000 30000


First of all, it’s important to note that Recruits don’t get AI Exp, so you must be using the Bots you wish to develop yourself

Fight Higher level enemies

  • AI Exp isn’t directly proportional to the enemy’s level itself, but you’ll gain more AI Exp for facing enemies that are higher level than you (and less from underleved enemies). So try to go for enemies that are at least 2 levels above your own
  • Choose the highest level area that you still get Contracts for as your AI training ground

Focus on Wild Bot Packs

  • You’ll get AI Exp per bot defeated, therefore Wild Bot fights tend to be more efficient than Bandit fights, since there are usually more bots per fight in the former. They’re also usually faster to clear
  • You can reroll your Contracts until you get the “Salvage the Caravan” mission in a high level area, that will make extra Wild Bot Packs spawn close to the Caravan in that specific location (but do not salvage the Caravan after clearing the Wild Bots near it). Prioritize areas that are already naturally packed with Wild Bots for max efficiency, more packs equals more Exp

300px Pluggie Packs near a Caravan

  • Multiple Pluggie packs near a Caravan in Disused Quarry, Parched Sea, while I was at Botpack Lv22

Use your Gadgets

  • Damaged enemies still give the same AI Exp they’d give if they were at full health, so using Bombardment and Mines can considerably speed up your grinding
  • Using Bombardment 3 times will leave normal enemies at death’s door (it’s specially effective if used near the Caravan of the “Salvage the Caravan” Contract)

Aim for clean and fast clears

  • You’re looking for efficiency, so go for fast clearing combos like Grouper Comp ones
  • Using Chainer + AoE against an enemy on death’s door will result in an almost instant win
  • Doing Multi-fights will save some time by lowering the amount of loading screens you’ll see

video Farming AI Exp using Bombardment 320p (1,18MB)

Farming AI Exp using 3x Bombardment + Chainer 640p (4,56MB)

Avoid wasting AI Exp

  • Bots that are already at AI Lv5 still share Exp, meaning that the Ai Exp they get after a fight simply goes to waste
  • Avoid using more than 3 bots per fight, since all bots placed will share AI Exp, resulting in less individual Exp for the bot you’re trying to develop

Credit: cloud9, Echio

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