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Codex Guide

Codex Tab screenshot

The Codex is a new feature added with Version 1.2. It adds a couple of new Quests to the early and midgame zones and gives advanced players a reason to visit again - other than Farming of course.

Each Map has its own quest list and you can get cosmetic rewards for finishing a certain amount ontop of 100 Coins for each objective you complete.

Go to: Scrapper Coast | Great Desert | Fall Grove | Saltwater Swamp | Parched Sea | Spore Woods | Ashen Shore | Exterminator Squads

Scrapper Coast



All 13 Missions completed: Guard Helmet

200px Guard Helmet

8 Missions completed: Guard Uniform

300px Guard Uniform


  • Rare Jackalope: This one is hard to spot because it looks almost the same as regular bunnies. There is no real place to farm for this, it’s just random and you’ll eventually find one doing the other Codex missions. Anyways this is what it looks like:

300px Jackalope picture

Fastest way to search rare Jackalope is to search every places on the map. If haven’t found it yet, just jetpack home to reset the map and repeat until you find it

  • Rare Tulips: replace Scrap Piles and can be found anywhere
  • Wild Yanky: 5-7 can be found if you start at cobblestone clearing. run north and stay left to River Run.
  • Rat Bandits: A good place to farm these is Cobblestone Trail
  • Red Square: Explore Scrapper Coast

credit: debb, Kartoffel

Great Desert



All 13 Missions completed: Desert Cat Goggles

200px Desert Cat Goggles

8 Missions completed: Desert Cat Robes

300px Desert Cat Robes


  • Red Square: Explore
  • Blue Circle: Fix Jammed Wind Turbines
  • Green Square: Salvage Shipping Containers
  • Black Line: Roaming Super Flamer, Roams Clockwise

Great Desert Codex

Credit: O.J., debb, BloodxReaper, Hex

Fall Grove



All 13 Missions completed: Wolf Pack Alpha Mask

Wolf Pack Alpha Mask

8 Missions completed: Wolf Pack Suit

Wolf Pack Suit


  • Red Square: Explore
  • Black Line: Wandering Wolf Pack Alpha

Fall Grovecredit: Hex, debb, Nostalgia, BloodxReaper

Saltwater Swamp



All 12 Missions completed: Fork Tongue Headwear

Fork Tongue Headwear

8 Missions completed: Fork Tongue War Paint

Fork Tongue War Paint


  • Red Square: Explore
  • Black Line: Roaming Fork Leader

Saltwater Swamp Codex

Credit: cloud9, Hex, debb, BloodxReaper

Parched Sea



All 12 Missions completed: Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat

8 Missions completed: Pirate Costume

Pirate Costume


Parched Seacredit: Hex, debb, cloud9, Chael, Letplz

Spore Woods



8 Missions completed: Plant Garb Gang

Plant Gang Garb

All 12 Missions completed: Plant Gang Cap

Plant Gang Cap


Spore Woods

  • Rare critters spawn conditions: If you encounter a fight with a bandit or bot, they will despawn and appears somewhere else within Spore Woods
  • Strange Lifeform: To reach it, you’ll need a side quest called Secret of the Spore Woods to appear in your Contracts section. Keep doing contracts or discard them until it appears

Credits: Snow ❆, Hex, Chael and Echio

Ashen Shore



  • 8 Missions Completed: Viking Raider Tunic

Viking Raider Tunic

  • 13 Missions Completed: Viking Raider Helmet

Viking Raider Helmet


  • Red Circle: Explore
  • Red Line: Roaming Super Berserker’s route

Ashen Shore Guide Map

  • Rare Fossils: spawn anywhere in Ashen Shore and does not disappear when you enter a fight

Credits: Snow ❆ and Echio

Exterminator Squads


  • Defeat Bosses in Frozen Wastes (100)
  • Defeat an Exterminator Squad in Frozen Wastes
  • Defeat the Final Exterminator Squad in Frozen Wastes
  • Defeat Bosses in Molten Rock (100)
  • Defeat an Exterminator Squad in Molten Rock
  • Defeat the Final Exterminator Squad in Molten Rock
  • Defeat Bosses in Vivid Valley (100)
  • Defeat an Exterminator Squad in Vivid Valley
  • Defeat the Final Exterminator Squad in Vivid Valley
  • Defeat Bosses in Scrapyard (100)
  • Defeat an Exterminator Squad in Scrapyard
  • Defeat the Final Exterminator Squad in Scrapyard


7 Missions completed: Exterminator Armour

Exterminator Armour


  • Recommended gadgets: Invisibility, Bombardment, Shockwave Generator and Mine
  • Bosses:


Unless they are only 1 level higher then you can feel confident to defeat them

By using Mine and Bombardment gadgets, you can lower their health. If being chased by nearby bots or bandits, use Shockwave Generator before doing so. While it requires precise timing, it’s one of the best way to defeat them without risking losing to them

Recruits may or may not be a bad decision. There are other bots and bandits around the Exterminator Squad, recruits may target them instead which can ruins your plan of damaging the Pest Control

Using Mines and Turrets placed around to your advantage by timing them to explode and/or shoot to deal considerable damage to the Pest Control. Don’t get hurt in the process though

Credits: Snow ❆

Fishing Codex

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