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How to Contribute

You can type? You can help!

What we need the most now, is information & content about everything in Botworld. You know the game ? There’s something you can write about that we’re currently missing!

Then come to the official Discord if you haven’t joined already, meet us and tell us about what you’ve got. Any Editor or Maintainer will shortly update the wiki accordingly.

If you want to become part of any team of ours, here’s an overview below. Rest assured there’s nothing we like more than to have someone come by and offer help, any kind, so we’re eager to see you!


Here’s what we do, tell us where you think you’d fit best:


Tell us if you have content ready and need someone to add it into the wiki. and Thanks!


Up-to-date list of who can help you on Discord


Up-to-date list of who can help you on Discord

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