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Screenshot support

The contribution counter should currently work with any .png (accurate) and .jpg (less accurate) FULL SCREEN screenshots.
Just open your events in-game, make sure all task bars are visible, screenshot and use :)
.jpg results will be less accurate, because the images are compressed to take less space. There isnt much we can do about that, sorry :(


Check if Task counters match current event tasks. Defaults are for current tasks + total progress
Select a screenshot with the button below, and the rest should happen on its own
Note that empty bars (0 contribution) will be skipped, and full red bars may show incorrectly
You will see a results table for reading, a table to copy for Discord, and plain text to copy for in-game chat
Below the results you will also see how the counter saw your screenshot.
If things go weird, let us know using Send Feedback in the header and attach the screenshot you used
Enjoy, have fun and let us know what you think :)

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