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Cosmetics: hats and outfits

Common Hats

Hood White - Season pass

300px Hood White

Hood Grey - Season pass

300px Hood Grey

Headwrap Lemon - Season pass

300px Headwrap Lemon

Headwrap Magenta - Season pass

300px Headwrap Magenta

Bandana Yellow - Season pass

300px Bandana Yellow

Bandana White - Season pass

300px Bandana White

Bandana Red - Season pass

300px Bandana Red

Bandana Blue - Season pass

300px Bandana Blue

Uncommon Hats

Hood Azure Trim - Season pass

300px Hood Azure Trim

Hood Emerald Trim - Season pass

300px Hood Emerald Trim

Hood Gold Trim - Season pass

300px Hood Gold Trim

Goggles Blue - Season pass

300px Goggles Blue

Goggles Orange - Season pass

300px Goggles Orange

Goggles Orange Raised - Season pass

300px Goggles Orange Raised

Welding Mask Large Raised - Solo League Rewards 1600 Trophies

300px Welding Mask Large Raised

Welding Mask Small - Season pass

300px Welding Mask Small

Bandage Strip - Side Quest

300px Bandage Strip

Guard Helmet - Codex

300px Guard Helmet

Merchant Hat - Guild event

300px Merchant Hat

Mia’s Sun Hat - Mia’s Quest

300px Mia's Sun Hat

Slouchy Beanie - Side Quest

300px Slouchy Beanie

Sports Visor - Guild event

300px Sports Visor

Rare Hats

Admiral Hat - Side Quest

300px Admiral Hat

Cavalier Hat - Season pass

300px Cavalier Hat

Faerie Hunter Hat - Guild event

300px Faerie Hunter Hat

Pirate Hat - Codex

300px Pirate Hat

Burger Joint Cap - Season pass

300px Burger Joint Cap

Desert Cat Goggles - Season pass

300px Desert Cat Goggles

Goggle Monocle - Season pass

300px Goggle Monocle

Eye Patch - Solo League Rewards 2600 Trophies

300px Eye Patch

Wolf Pack Alpha Mask - Codex

300px Wolf Pack Alpha Mask

Fork Tongue Headwear - Codex

300px Fork Tongue Headwear

Mohawk - Side Quest

300px Mohawk

Moustache - Season pass

300px Moustache

Stetson - Season pass

300px Stetson

Traffic Cone - Season pass

300px Traffic Cone

Epic Hats

Arena Cap - Solo League Rewards 4600 Trophies

300px Arena Cap

Arena Crown - Solo League Rewards 6k Trophies

300px Arena Crown

Mushroom Cap - Side Quest

300px Mushroom Cap

Plant Gang Cap - Codex

300px Plant Gang Cap

Construction Helmet - Side Quest

300px Construction Helmet -

Exterminator Helmet - Codex

300px Exterminator Helmet -

Viking Raider Helmet - Codex

300px Viking Raider Helmet

300px Viking Raider Helmet

Pirate Lord Hat - No Refund Main Story Quest

300px Pirate Lord Hat

Ninja Mask - Season pass

300px Ninja Mask

Common Outfits

Arena Uniform - Arena

300px Arena Uniform

Uncommon Outfits

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Rare Outfits

Desert Cat Robes - Codex

300px Desert Cat Robes

Faerie Hunter Robe - Guild event

300px Faerie Hunter Robe

Merchant Garb - Guild event

300px Merchant Garb

Fork Tongue War Paint - Codex

300px Fork Tongue War Paint

Burger Joint Uniform - Season pass

300px Burger Joint Uniform

Guard Uniform - Codex

300px Guard Uniform

Pirate Costume - Codex

300px Pirate Costume

Wolf Pack Suit - Codex

300px Wolf Pack Suit

Epic Outfits

Ninja Garb - Season pass

300px Ninja Garb

Plant Gang Garb - Side Quest

300px Plant Gang Garb

Exterminator Armour - Codex

300px Exterminator Armour

Viking Raider Tunic - Codex

300px Viking Raider Tunic

Credits: Reis

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