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This wiki is a self-organized project built and maintained by members of the Botworld community on discord.

Our goal is to create the most useful resource we can, for every player out there. It’s 100% a volunteer project so we’re making progress as motivation surges come and go, but we’re very proud of what we have here already! Everyone is welcome to come, meet us, and contribute!

WikiWeek Participants

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  • Templar
  • Hex
  • Snow ❆/Snowy
  • Rayran
  • Echio
  • Letplz

Data Collectors



Past and present, to find an editor to help you refer to the updated list

  • @It’s Diamond#4218
  • @MrGold#0461
  • Every maintainer


Past and present, to find a maintainer to help you refer to the updated list

  • Noob (@noob_pro#1629)
  • @QC#2293
  • @debb#0810
  • Kartoffel (mykenception#6532)
  • @HexSanity#7490
  • @Groovy#1791
  • @Pix#6773
  • @Kurt Cabage#2089 (Halo Pizza Official) Halo Pizza

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Kartoffel


Art & visual assets

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