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Danger Zones

Danger Zones are no laughing matter! They’re hostile, and Danger Fuel is scarce and precious. Best make the most out of every trip

Table of Content: Tips - Frozen Wastes - Molten Rock - Vivid Valley - Scrapyard - Random Encounters - Exterminator Squads!

Danger Zones Fuel: Replenishes every 20h upto boat level 14. Replenishes 3x faster from boat level 15.

Situations and Events

  • Obstacles inline block: Some paths may be blocked by obstacles, check the zone maps below on how to move around.
  • Repair Stationsinline repair canister: These will fill half your repair canister.
  • Random Encountersinline random encounters: Find a List of possible encounters here
  • Gadget Repairinline gadget fill: Will refill all your gadgets
  • Exterminator Squadsinline ext squads: are listed here


Codex map & tips

Danger zones codex

  • Plan your route carefully
  • Keep your priorities straight
  • Every bit of Can Energy is precious, avoid & dodge as many fights as you can
  • Use your Recruits as decoy to dodge Megas Bots and Bosses
  • Any Gadget left when you die is a wasted slot
  • Use the environment to harm your foes!

Heroic mode

Frozen Wastes

Snowball Canons


(Iirc the minimum mob level for frozen wastes is lvl 7(atleast in my case) but when I looked up through few sources it is showing lvl 5 and somewhere else it’s showing lvl 7. Can anyone confirm? )


  • Requirements: progress through the Story until you need to find batteries
  • Mobs lvl: 19-23

Note:This map shows all possible obstacles on their position. You’ll never have all of them.


Unique Hazards: Freezing Landmines and Snowball shooting Turrets

Molten Rock

Floor is lava



  • Requirements: progress through the Story until you need to find batteries and after retrieving the first one from Frozen Wastes
  • Mobs lvl: 20-24


Unique Hazards: Flamethrowers and Fireball spitting Volcanoes (damages both allies and enemies)

Vivid Valley




  • Requirements: progress through the Story until you need to find batteries and after retrieving the first one from Frozen Wastes and the 2nd from Molten Rock
  • Mobs lvl: 21-25


Unique Hazards: Poison Cloud Landmines, Poison shooting Plants and Grapple Plants


Teddy Bears (check the Event)




Random Encounters

Bexley The Brave


Bexley The Brave: He got 6 bots with abilities. Fight him for loot. Or not.

Ember and Flake


Ember and Flake: Fight them for solving their dispute over what’s better- ice or fire abilities and for loot. Or not.

  • Flake: Hey can you help us solving an argument ?

Player option A: Sure

Player option B: No thanks (exit dialog)

  • Flake: Everyone knows ice abilities are the best, but this buffoon thinks fire abilities are better.
  • Ember: Obviously fire abilites are better! You can set the whole battlefield on fire.
  • Flake: But you can stop any bot on its tracks with an ice ability. It’s like scissors paper rock. Ice beats fire.
  • Ember: What do you think? Want toprove one of us right?
  • Player option A: I can beat any ice abilities in battle
  • Ember: Heck yeah! I can’t wait to see the look on your icy face, Flake.

(battle with Flake)

Player option B: I can beat any fire abilities in battle

(battle with Ember)

Player option C: I think I’ll stay out of it

  • Flake: Fair enough, kid. Come back when you’re ready to prove which one of us is right. It’s me, by the way. I’m right.
  • Ember: Pfft no way!

(exit dialog)

(after winning a battle)

  • Flake: Ha well it looks like you settled that for us once and for all! Here’s some scrap for your help.

Player option A: Thanks



Larry: Good old Larry selling 10 cold batteries for 25 gold. Take it Or not.

  • Larry: Hey … hey kid! You wanna buy some Cold Batteries?
  • Larry: Look, because you’re a friend, I’ll give you 10 Cold Batteries for 25 Coins. You interested?

Mad Scientist


Mad Scientist: Fight for loot. Or not.

  • Bots: 3x Pluggie, 2x Longshot, 1x KO

  • Abilities: Charge Bolt, Zap Tower, Immobiiize Field

  • Mad Scientist: Muahaha! My experiment is nearly complete. All I need now is a willing subject…

  • Player: Uh … hello?

  • Mad Scientist: Yes, yes, you’ll do perfectly! I just finished an experimental loadout of electric bots and abilities. Will you help me test it?

  • Mad Scientist: I’ll give you some scrap if you test your bots against mine. But only if your bots survive the battle, of course! Mwahaha”

  • Player option A: Sure, why not (Fight)

  • Player option B: Maybe later

(after winning a battle)

  • Mad Scientist: An electrifying battle! But it seems I need to fine-tune my loadout. Thanks for your help, botmaster.

Mad Scientist (Chaos Translocator)

Mad Scientist: Made a organic Chaos Translocator. It can teleports you, from your own position to the furthest place, an epic treasure to a Mega Bot.

Costs nothing to do it. Or not. Choose wisely.

  • Mad Scientist: Hello there botmaster! I have modified my Chaos Translocator to work on organic matter instead on bots
  • Mad Scientist: Would you like to help me test it?
  • Player option A: What does you machine do exactly?
  • Player option B: Not in a million years (exit dialog)
  • Mad Scientist: It can teleport a willing subject to a random location in this zone.
  • Mad Scientist: I’ve already tested it on unwilling subjects, but now I want to test it on someone who says yes first. What do you say?
  • Player option A: Heck yes!
  • Player option B: That sounds kinda dangerous…

-Mad Scientist: It’s perfectly safe! Depending on where you end up teleporting to. And assuming all your internal organs teleport there too. So, ready to test it?

-Player option A: Yes!

-Mad Scientist: Bon voyage, test subject!

-Player option B: Maybe another time (exit dialog)

  • Player option C: No way! (exit dialog)



Mechanic: Recharge your full Cannister for 10 gold(He can refill your full red bar). Or not.

  • Mechanic: Hey there! I see your bots are lookin’ a little worse for wear.
  • Mechanic: How’d ya like me to repair those scraggly-lookin’ bots for 10 Coins?


merchant needs help

Sell them your entire canister for 100 gold. Or not.

  • Merchant: Help, my cart broke down! Do you have any repair canister energy left?
  • Player: How much do you need?
  • Merchant: I give you [Coins picture] 100 if you donate the rest of your repair energy to me. Then you can jetpack home and I can fix my cart.
  • Player option B: Sorry, I need to keep adventuring! (exit dialog)
  • Player option A: Sure (Donate all repair canister energy)
  • Merchant: Thanks so much, botmaster! You’ve really saved my bacon. I’ll see you back in Scavenger’s Landing when I’ve fixed my cart.
  • Player: No problem



Trix: an adventurer that’s overburdened. You can help her by taking her loot.

  • Trix: Hey! Hey you there! Can you help me?
  • Player: Maybe?
  • Trix: I want to impress my crush by picking a rare frost flower for him from the Danger Zone
  • Trix: Have you seen one? It’s a little snow-coloured flower that’s rumored to blossom out here once every 3 years.
  • Player: No.
  • Trix: Dang it! All I’ve found so far is terrifying wild bots and a pile of treasure and scrap.
  • Player option A: Do you want me to take some of that scrap off your hands?
  • Player option B: I can hold some of that treasure for you if you’d like.
  • Trix: That’s so kind of you, it’s really slowing me down. Just tell me if you see a frost flower, okay?

Exterminator Squads!

Exterminator Squad is a higher game challenge. Exterminators are found on danger zone maps. Once you upgrade your Boat to level 15, your danger zone map menu will change. Exterminators has 4 types : Buffalo inline icon buff(Frozen Waste), Cat inline icon cat(Molten Rock), Lizard inline icon liz(Vivid Valley) and Dog inline icon dog (Scrapyard).



Rare chest each time you beat them. If you beat them all you will complete Codex missions and get 100 coins

Level Scaling

  • All Danger Zones have the same level range
  • Lower level cap = Your Botpack level -2
  • No higher level cap overall (you’ll find lv33 enemies no matter your level)
  • Each area inside the Danger Zone has it’s own level range, which increases the further it is from the entrance (blocked paths interfere)
  • Bosses level = Higher level cap of the area it’s located + 3 (Max level: 36)
  • Pest Controls are always level 33, therefore, the Exterminator Bosses are always level 36

Difficulty Levels

Exterminator Squads levels will rise up and it will get harder every time. It’s really hard and also fun at the same time.

  • Level 1: First exterminator boss
  • Level 2: Additional exterminators arrived
  • Level 3: Energy cannon defences enabled
  • Level 4: Fourth exterminator arrived
  • Level 5: Special wild bot guards deployed
  • Level 6: Exterminator boss upgraded
  • Level 7: Additional exterminators upgraded
  • Level 8: Energy cannon defences expanded
  • Level 9: Megabot guard deployed
  • Level 10: Exterminator boss fully upgraded

Exterminator bosses

  • Frozen Waste: Buffalo Pest Control
  • Molten Rock: Cat Pest Control
  • Vivid Valey: Lizard Pest Control
  • Scrapyard: Dog Pest Control

300px pc buff 300px inline pc cat

300px pc liz300px inline pc dpg

Credit: Pix, Xen, cloud9, chael, Kurt, MrGold, debb, BloodxReaper, Letplz, Echio

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