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Dune Bug

Extremely agile desert bot that rolls circles around its opponents. Hard to pin down.

Image of Dune Bug bot

Type Rarity Acquisition
Evader Special Story Quest


A guaranteed bot you may get while progressing the storyline. Dune Bug may become your solid friend throughout the entire game being a sub dps/aoe unit with great survivability.

AI Builds, Tips, etc.


  • Tail Gun

    Range: 8 Attack Speed: 0.5s Atk: 100%

    Quick, long range attack

  • Evasive Roll

    Teleport Distance: 7 , Cooldown: 5s

    Rolls away when enemies get too close

  • Omni Roll

    (ultimate) Atk:200%, Teleport Distance: 7, Cooldown:13s, Range: 8

    Rapidly rolls around and fires at enemies

AI tree

  • AI Level 1 (500xp)

    A: Omni Paralysis B: Powerful Strikes
    Omni Roll attacks immobilize enemies for 1s (Immobilized bots can't move) All attack damage increased by 20%
  • AI Level 2 (2000xp)

    A: Hardened Shell B: Piercing Shot
    Immune to damage while rolling All attacks can now hit multiple enemies in a row
  • AI Level 3 (5000xp)

    A: Paralysis Shot B: Critical Strikes
    Tail Gun has a 20% chance to immobilize for 1s (Immobilized bots can't move) Attacks have 20% critical chance (critical hits deal double damage)
  • AI Level 4 (14000xp)

    C: Speed Boost
    Move speed increased by 20%
  • AI Level 5 (30000xp)

    A: Roll Focus B: Shot Focus
    Increase number of rolls in Omni Roll from 6 to 8, decrease damage by 25% Decrease number of rolls in Omni Roll from 6 to 4, increase damage by 100%


Stats Health Attack DPS Speed
Lvl 1 840 40 100 25
Lvl 10 1768 94 236 25
Lvl 20 4587 296 740 25
Lvl 25 7387 394 985 25
Lvl 30 25

Upgrades Calculator

From level to
Default Essence pic Evader Spray Matte Coating
Mini Sensor Double Cog Hardened Fiberglass

Gold: , also Shop Prices
All materials shop value: ( with Negotiation upgrade)

AI Builds

‘Evader Build’ by Hex

  • BABCA: Recommended placing early or last (Doesn’t really matter cause this bot is a survivor). Can change the tide of battle.

‘Full Damage Build’ by Hex

  • BBBCB: It can deal more damage to a cluster of bots. Can change the tide of battle.


Evaluation by O.J.

Scorpion of Great Desert, waiting for its next victim to step into the territory.

Dune Bug is the fastest yet squishiest bot that ever existed in the game. However, both of its rolling abilities provide very high surviving capability, along with decent damaging output. Furthermore, Dune Bug has potential to fight and carry against multiple bots at the same time if managed well.

Evaluation by Soft

A niche pick that has some secret fans trying to make him work, Dune Bug has respectable damage and can be extremely annoying to take down. He’s a high-damage kiter and does the job really well. Pair him with an ultimate cooldown booster or two, set up the rest of your annoying arena team and wait until people to start pinging you on Discord to take him off your team. Tier B+.

Story Quest

Following the main story line in the Great Desert will have you go and search for the Dune Bug botframe.

Editor Updates

Last updated at: 2022-07-09

Contributors: Hex, O.J., Soft, BloodxReaper

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