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Not to be confused with Farming, Exploring is when you need to make the most out of every bit of Canister juice you got!


You get 1 Cannister bar, and 1 HP bar. You lose HP in a fight, and your Cannister Energy heals you up between fights.

If you fight multiple mobs simultanously or to fast to heal in-between, you can die and get sent back to town with Can Energy left!

Don’t worry, you don’t actually die or lose anything besides you Can Energy left.

Mob Encounters

Danger color codes

Mobs display their level in different colors to give you an idea of the danger level of fighting them:

  • Red: dangerous, high ai exp gain, 3 or more levels higher than self botpack level
  • Orange: less dangerous than red, medium-high exp gain, 1 or 2 more levels higher than self botpack level
  • Yellow: fight with caution, medium ai exp gain, same or 1 or 2 levels lower than self botpack level
  • Green: easy, low ai exp gain, 3 levels lower than self botpack level

Wild bots


  • Place bots at the same time as you do, so you can’t plan quite as much.
  • They have a full Botpack, that means abilities and boosters!
  • Notably Drop: x-xx Gold, Clear Oil, Glass Tube

There are 5 types of bandits:

  • Cats: Just your ordinary bandit. Can mount cannons.
  • Rats: Can mount cannons, grapple hooks, or energy blasters.
  • Dog: Ability to run extremely fast and can outrun you.
  • Lizard: Bandits with slowing nets.
  • Buffalo: Has an ability to charge at you, annoying to run into. Notably drop Thick Oil

Mega Bots

They’re big and sometime nasty. They have a skull logo

Interesting Counters:Bigshot, Rocketeer, Hyperdrain…


Same as megabots. You get Season Reward Tokens for beating them!

Multiple Enemies

  • Doing multi-fights can be great for extra scrap thanks to the Risk Reward Business Upgrade.
  • Also some Bots or Boat can only be found by winning multi-fights
  • It doesn’t seem to benefit to do 3+ fights at once.
  • Your Canister can’t heal you between fights, so be careful!
  • Tip: When expecting a difficult multi-fight, be proactive and use your best gadgets early on so your A-team is still up for the next fights!
  • Notably Drops: Frost Fuel, Matte Coating, Support Chip

Level Scaling

Mobs level grows to be at minimun 3 below your Botpack level


All the rabbits, scarabs, snakes, etc.

  • Catch them by walking upon them
  • They drop scraps, notably: Mini Sensor, Brawler Batteries
  • They spawn/despawn when you start a fight
  • Some flee, some attack and hurt

See their every locations at Maps


  • Fleeing: White Rabbits, Black Rats
  • Meek: Blue Beetles, Green Frogs
  • Aggressive: Black Scorpions, Red Snakes, Snakes

Catching Tips


They’re discussed in Contracts, but make sure any occasion you have to go out you actually complete some!

Also, some special contracts are actually quests… New page?

Random Encounters

Quizzes, prisoners, etc

Tips and Tricks

Map reset

Reset any map by leaving/rentering them. Everything will respawn

To save rare critters like rainbow snake or ruby scarab, don’t battle, or let your recruits do that. Critters spawn/despawn while battling.

Avoid ennemies

Wild bots and bandits have a shorter range of detection on their back.

While they are chasing you, run (unless you want to battle), and don’t turn too much.

Be unpredictable when escaping bandits controlling grapple cannon

Credit: Pix, Diamond

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