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Farming Guide & Routes

To farm Botworld efficiently, you will need:

This guide is focused on farming scrap, but you will find tips & techniques for critters & items in our Events Guide


I don’t think you should feel the need to dedicate yourself to farming before lvl 15 at the earliest. I started researching it when I was around lvl 17 myself, and it had been pretty easy to upgrade my main bots just doing the story, contracts & arena.

Build up your Recruits

Basic Farming Tips

Relevant Business Upgrades

Farming-relevant Business Upgrades

Extra Canisters

Check out the far right of the Shop (behind ads if you don’t have the Mayoral Membership).

Farming Contracts

A few contracts are not based upon a specific location and can be completed while running most routes:

You can cancel and reroll contracts that don’t fit. It can’t be worth your time if you don’t have the Mayoral Membership that allows you to skip ads though, and even then I don’t do it anymore because it’s very tedious.

Route Navigation & Recruit Micro-Managment

Young botmasters

At the early stages of the game, you will be both limited in your route options, and probably not have that great Recruits. You can still use these techniques, and will have to make up for your Recruits shortcomings with some extra micro-management and running to dodge mobs. Those you can’t run, fight many at once.

The loss of gold/min will be made up for by the opportunity to train any bot you want to improve.

Invisibility is a huge help, just as much as the third recruit.

This route is rich in gold, Evader Sprays and Splasher Explosives so you should be able to get a 2nd suitable recruit very soon with upgraded Evaders and Splashers.

Video demo of farming Cobblestone + River Run + Southbank with only 1 weak/average recruit:

Best Routes for every Resource

If you haven’t yet, you should read this guide from the top of the page.

Mats are Gold

You will always be looking for gold, but when you also need specifically some other materials it might be worth it to run an alternative route to have a chance to drop it. At 475 gold/rare drop, and ~1 drop/3runs (7min30), it represents about 63 extra gold/min. Even just Sparky Wires make it worth it to have Wild Bots in your route, even if that decreases your gold earnings. It’s all about compromise.

Summary Table

Here are my best routes for Resources I deem “Farmable”:

Resource Cobblestone Trail Reef+Bay Monument+Fissure Redleaf Ridge
Gold/min 35 38 26 24
Gold/can 73 109 70 62
Evader Spray Lots Lots    
Splasher Explosives Lots Lots Some Lots
Tank Plating     Some Lots
Chaser Core     Some  
Dull Steel Lots Lots Lots Lots
Glass Tube Lots Lots Some Some
Hard Botplates     Some Some
Heavy Steel     Some  
Sticky Goo Lots Lots Some Lots
Clear Oil Lots Lots Some Some
Double Cog Lots Lots Lots Lots
Rusty Cog Lots Lots    
Sparky Wires     Some Some
Thick Tube     Some Lots
Routes: Cobblestone Trail Reef+Bay Monument+Fissure Redleaf Ridge


Pretty sure there’s a good farming route for it all in Spore Wood… to be researched

Not Farmable

Botframes: Read the section about Finding Botframes.

Not saying they can’t be found, but I don’t see a way to reliably get to a satisfying drop rate per minute for the following:

Cold Battery, Frost Fuel, Hardened Fiberglass, Sputtering Generator, Jet Fuel, Matte Coating, Tangled Wires, Sniper Gyro, Support Chip

I suggest you take every opportunity you get to collect them by other means (Shop & Recruit Jobs).

What makes a good farming route

Experience shows that the best routes are around 2-4 min/run, so if you’re running for much longer consider trimming it down.

Keep it short, make bank !

A good route will have a high density of Piles and Chests, have the desired characteristics for the Materials you’re looking for, and usually have more Bandits than Wild Bots since they drop Gold.

Cobblestone Trail

half-right Cobblestone Trail farming route

73 gold/can, 35 gold/min, 2 min/run

Perillous Reef + Mangrove Bay

half-right Perillous Reef + Mangrove Bay farming route

109 gold/can, 38 gold/min, 3m/run

Strange Monument + Grand Fissure

half-right Strange Monument + Grand Fissure farming route roadmap

70 gold/can, 26 gold/min, 2min30/run

Redleaf Ridge

half-right Redleaf Ridge farming route

62 gold/can, 24 gold/min, 2min30/run

Other Routes

This routes are generally outclassed by the ones above. That is, in most cases, but if you are in a specific situation and you could use some more options, here they are!

Scrapeyard Speed Chests

2min/chest, 25-50 gold/min, 2-6min/run

Dragon’s Ridge

half-right Dragon's Ridge farming route

83 gold/can, 30 gold/min, 2min45/run

Cobblestone Trail + River Run + Southbank

76 gold/can, 17 gold/min, 4min30/run

Giant’s Step by @foocker#2431

half-right Giant's Step farming route roadmap

63 gold/run, 21gold/min, 3min/run

Crater Dome

half-right Crater Dome farming route

50 gold/run, 13 gold/min, 3min/run

Croaking Lake

half-right Croaking Lake route roadmap

70 gold/can, 25 gold/min, 3min/run

Strange Monument

half-right Strange Monument route Roadmap

43 gold/can, 18 gold/min, 2min30/run

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