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Fighting Tactics: Combat Guide

Time to get your Bots to battle! Advice, tactical tips, combat mechanics, everything you need to know to get ahead of every fight.

  • For advice on how to plan ahead of battle and what bots to take with you, read our [Bots Strategies Guide]


Combat screenshot

You and your opponent place your bots at the same time. The AI doesn’t get to see your pick before they make theirs.



Area of Effect (AoE) is used any effect that applies to a zone or a group of bots all at once.


Crowd Control (CC) describes any effect that focuses on giving you a tactical advantage. Like anything that disables or hinders enemy bots or shifts the battleground in your favor: Stun (=freeze), Gust, Vortex, Barrier Wall, Hyperdrain


Sometimes you need a panic button to get a bot out of trouble right now, so it can keep dealing damage with whatever little HP it has left. Abilities like: CT, Shield

Use the right Bot for the situation

Natural counters

Melee to disable Ranged, Ranged to snipe Evaders, Tanks to stall everything, etc.

Positioning and Targeting

You can’t control your bots directly. They’ll target the nearest enemy, so everything is about positioning. You can influence positioning directly though, first and foremost during Bot placement! Then with abilities.

Use your Abilities wisely

Consider Ultimates loads for timing your casting just right

Budget ahead


Poison ticks overlap but don’t stack

Freeze = Stun

Speed modifiers

Buffs to speed are completely negated once the target gets slowed

Damage Color Codes

  • Red: low damage
  • Yellow: decent damage
  • White: high/critical damage
  • Green: lifesteal/regen
  • Lime green: poison
  • Blue: blocked/reduced by shield

Credit: Pix, Kart, Hex

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