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Getting Started: Beginner Guide

Hello young Botmaster !

If you’ve just started with this great game and have questions at this very early stage, you’re in the right place.

Let’s make one thing clear: this game won’t punish you for any choice you make. Even when mutually exclusive options are presented, you will get other occasions to try and pick the ones you haven’t yet, or get the same rewards by other means.

Botworld is well worth exploring at your own pace, and won’t punish you for trying stuff or fooling around, so really you can stop reading and go straight in !

Starter bot

half-right starter-selection

It’s really just that: your starter bot. You will find botframes to build the other two just like any other bot wandering through Botworld.

You can always check them out (Ram, Froggy, Thump), but at this early stage you really shouldn’t bother with end-game strategies, most won’t apply to your current situation, and you still have much to learn and discover before getting to that. By the time you’re there, you will surely have had all 3 for quite some time.

What should I do first ?

You want to upgrade your Boat to get the sweet Business upgrades, and assemble a good comp of bots you like. The Story quests will make both happen, so start with that !

As you wander around in the wilderness:

  • Make sure you have 3 active Contracts before leaving town so you can get extra rewards as you go.
  • Try and chase the rabbits and other Critters, they can also drop scraps !
  • Losing a fight will simply make you jetpack back to town
  • If you ever find yourself short on canisters, you can get some more from the Shop by watching ads.

Whenever you feel ready for a challenge and like trying something new, make your way to the Arena:

  • Each Arena Master you beat will give you better Botpack, which means more Abilities options, that’s very powerful.
  • Climbing the first ranks of the Solo Arena will reward you with some really cool Bots that you should try out.

What business upgrades should I take ?

It is recommended to start with the machines, their passive generation of scraps, gold, and abilities are really good, especially at your stage of the game !

My personal favorites next are:

  • Repair Boost: you’ll be brought back to town when your canisters are empty, so bigger canisters means more exploration.
  • Risk Reward: great impact for the cost of a single point.
  • Terrify: lets you avoid some fights completely, but you still get the rewards ! Big time saver.
  • Contract Master: if you find yourself doing lots of contracts like I did, extra tokens is great.
  • Find the full list here: Business Upgrades

But as with everything else, as you upgrade your boat you’ll have more energy points to spend and eventually you’ll get everything you need.

Which Bots should I upgrade first?

As you progress, you will have access to better ways to earn resources, and the investment to bring any bot to lvl 10 will very soon feel pretty negligible. It makes it really forgiving if you started experimenting with a bot but want to go with another instead later. Also, you will have Recruits joining your squad, and they will need some bots of their own if they are to help you! Any bot you don’t use anymore yourself will be great with them.

That being said, here are some of my favorite bots that are accessible very early and I suggest you give a good try:

  • Lobbie: AoE CC bot, very powerful when you can dictate the way the fight will go
  • Longshot: Consistent single-target DPS king, just does the work and does it well
  • Rocketeer: Especially that early in the game, Rocketeer will provide specific answers to easily get out of otherwise tricky situations
  • Flamer: All-in aggression, when you just want to close the fight fast
  • Chainer: Opens up whole new horizons and powerful comp strategies

How to find the right materials to upgrade your bots

Click any Material required to upgrade your Bot to get a description of how to get them. Alternatively, your machines or even the shop might help.

That’s it!

I think that’s really all you need to know at this point, so you’d better go and explore Botworld right now !

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