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Larry is a mostly red lizard with white spikes. He has two sets of spikes on his head which resemble slicked-back hair and a goatee. There are four spikes on his tail. Larry typically wears a striped blue suit and a white shirt underneath.

(PIC1: Screenshot/possible art)


The player can usually find Larry standing to the right of the garden in Scavenger’s Landing. When first encountered, Larry will greet the player: Welcome to Larry’s Luxury Leathergoods and Largely Legitimate Loansharking! What can I do ya for?

(PIC2: Introductory screenshot)

His Luxury Leathergoods are referenced in a few NPC-to-NPC dialogues where he says his banners are dyed with scarab beetle dye. He uses this to justify taking extra money for his sales.

You can also stumble upon him in Danger Zones offering Cold Batteries for some reason.


While Larry fancies himself a con artist, he usually sells Cold Batteries to the player for far below shop price. He is also incredibly hypocritical, demanding refunds from pirates while not allowing his own customers to refund. His own customers are in for a treat, what with his waiver forms and costly upgrade vouchers. (Larry’s Spooky Swamp Ghost Cruises)

Larry is also horrible at negotiation, practically scamming himself when dealing with Sand Pirates. When the player returns the money to Larry, he pleads for a 90-10, progressively making worse deals until the player gets 50%.

He owns many different businesses and takes every opportunity to market them, such as Larry’s Pre-Loved Appliances and you will witness NPC-to-NPC dialogue where he offers other botmasters and citizens jobs. Larry also hosts tours of areas on the map and sends tourists off to nice hotels in danger zones. This also happens in the Great Desert. contract to save a tourist?

Larry has a poor reputation in Scavenger’s landing, with Recruits and scrap dealers incredulous at the thought of Larry doing favors for people. Larry even acknowledges himself as having no principles, being a scammer, and regularly swindling the player’s dad.

Both Larry and the Mayor are similar in a sense, calling others in the same field unpleasant things. Larry refers to sand pirates as A bunch of lying, cheating, low-down, no-good [people]. While the Mayor refers to the other mayoral candidate, Melanie, as A ne’er-do-well with no sense of social responsibility.

Story involvement


The first quest involving Larry begins with Mia. He’s basically exploiting her: they host five a day, and Larry calls her his Star Attraction.

Ghost Bots

To kick off the ghost bot quest in Saltwater Swamp, the player goes over to Larry. Larry states his business has been doing well because of the ghost tours around the swamp. However, his ship, the Lizard Queen, was wrecked by a giant ghost bot. The player then has to fight ghost bots and search for 30 waiver forms around Saltwater Swamp.

Coggy Batteries

When looking out for batteries to recharge Coggy and save all of Botworld, Larry asks you to sell them to him instead!

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