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Throws explosive orbs over obstacles at groups of enemies. Tries to do its best.

Image of Lobbie bot

Type Rarity Acquisition
Splasher Common Random Drop


best paired with chainer

AI Builds, Tips, etc.


  • Orb

    Range: 2-8 , Impact radius: 2 , Attack speed: 0.8s , Energy damage: 100%

    Long range AOE attack that can shoot over obstacles

  • Vortex

    (ultimate) Range: 2-8 , Immobilize duration: 3s , Cooldown: 10s , Impact radius: 3

    Sucks enemies in, holding them in place

AI tree

  • AI Level 1 (500xp)

    A: Splash Size B: Extra Damage
    Orb effect size increase by 25% Orb damage increase by 20%
  • AI Level 2 (2000xp)

    A: Amplify B: Stun
    Vortex increases enemies damage taken by 30% Vortex stuns enemies
  • AI Level 3 (5000xp)

    C: Long range
    attack range increased by 20%
  • AI Level 4 (14000xp)

    A: Speed Boost B: Fortitude
    move speed increased by 20% Health increased by 20%
  • AI Level 5 (30000xp)

    A: Pre-Charged B: Power Link
    Vortex starts 40% Gives 2 botpack power when the bot enters a battle


Stats Health Attack DPS Speed
Lvl 1 1008 75 95 12
Lvl 10 2122 177 221 12
Lvl 20 5504 459 573 12
Lvl 25 8865 739 923 12
Lvl 30 12

Upgrades Calculator

From level to
Default Essence pic Splasher Explosives Thick Oil
Clear Oil Rusty Cog Mini Sensor

Gold: , also Shop Prices
All materials shop value: ( with Negotiation upgrade)

AI Builds

‘Full Damage Build by’ Diamond and Gold

  • BACAA: Full Damage Build.

‘Combo Build’ by Hex

  • BACBA: Combo Build with Froggy (or poison missile). Stick them together with Froggy. With lobbie’s Ult plus Froggy’s Ult you can create a poison pit.

‘Hybrid Build’ by Hex

  • BBCBB: A different build for Lobbie with 2 botpack power.


Evaluation by Soft

Good in the early game for groupers that don’t have better splashers like Mort, Lobbie has extremely low HP and no disengage or safety at all. He needs to be babysat by Chainer or other tanks and even then he turns out to be outclassed by other bots, even most snipers. His vortex is the only thing he has going for him, but Beat does a better job at amplifying your team. Tier C.

Editor Updates

Last updated at: 2022-07-09

Contributors: Diamond, Gold, Soft

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