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Loot, locations & droprates

Loot Spawn Locations

Scrap Piles

Regular Chests

Runaway Chests

Reward Chests

Common Battle Chests

Common Battle Chests

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Special Big Chests

Rare Super Chests

Rare Super Chests

Rare Super Chests

Epic Mega Chests

Epic Mega Chests


Random drops can happen anywhere from any source (piles, chests, fights…). Higher rarity chests have better chances of dropping higher rarity botframes. Type of Wild Bots, zone location, etc., have no impact over which botframes you’re most likely to find.

Any bot you can get through a special mean (reward of any kind) is only available through that mean (at that time). The rest is from random drops.

Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins are traces of the old civilizations of human. Example: Old train tracks, buildings and Etc. There are some everywhere but in Scavengers Coast

Look out for the blue-ish buildings all around the map, and loot piles or chests nearby.

Ancient Ruins in the Desert

Ancient Ruins in Falls Grove

Ancient Ruins in the Swamp

Ancient Ruins in the Parched Sea

High Places

Ridges, Mountains or other High Places

To be written

By the Water

  • Notably drops:

Rusty Cog, Evader Spray

To be written

Near Trees

To be written

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