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Mia is a Barrie bot found in Fall Grove in Owl’s Nest. She lives in a broken spherical shell (much like the others found all over Botworld) with a table in the middle and various items surrounding the building. She is identified by her yellow sunhat and ability to talk.

First Encounter

Auntie sent us looking for a fairy or something, right?

Mia is eating fish at her table ;)

Working for Larry

After finding Mia, she will be contacted by Larry and will work for him. After finding all of her belongings, the player can find Mia again in Fall Grove.

Larry hosts shows with Mia. They host five a day, and Larry calls her his Star Attraction.

There are other quests too, I believe ?

Past Memories

Overworked, she starts glitching out and recalls being a normal bot, until she hit a computer terminal which uploaded Mia Chen’s memories into her.

Mia struggles with her identity, halfway between a bot and a Human. She runs away to the computer terminal in search of answers. The terminal is located in Crater Dome, likely the resulting wreckage of the crash of Arkship 2.

The player eventually discovers that [Mia has been programmed to remember the memories of a Human[^1](/contribute#tbw). The player then either tells her to keep the memories[^2] or to delete them[^3]. After this interaction, Mia leaves, saying that Larry was fleecing [her] with his outrageous contract.

[^1]Mia Chen, Passenger ID XX-523786. A Human who traveled on Arkship 2 but did not make it to Botworld. [^2]Mia: (Deep breath). You’re right, little friend. I should share my stories with everyone in Botworld. I’m going to take my speaking tour on the road. [^3]Player: Goodbye, Mia

Credits: Stan

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