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A cannon on legs. Can fire over obstacles, making it a potent bot from almost anywhere in the arena.

Image of Mort bot

Type Rarity Acquisition
Splasher Rare Random Drop


The absolute mobile mortar of the game. Mort serves the role of an excellent nuker while still be a good sub dps/crowd controller from afar. However, the bot suffers a lot of cons to let it alone.

AI Builds, Tips, etc.


  • Explosive Shell

    Range: 4-10 , Attack Speed: 0.78s , Impact Radius: 2 , Energy Damage: 100% , Knockback: Small

    Launches an explosive shell towards an enemy, can be fired over low heights obstacles

  • Vortex Shell

    Range: 5-10 , Cooldown: 6s , Vortex Radius: 2 , Immobilized Duration: 0.75s

    Creates a vortex on impact, pulling enemies in and temporarily holding them in place

  • Super Shell

    (ultimate) Range: 4-10 , Cooldown: 10s , Impact Radius: 3 , Energy Damage: 533% , Knockback: Small

    Deals massive damage in a large radius

AI tree

  • AI Level 1 (500xp)

    A: Power Link B: Speed Boost
    Gives 2 botpack power when the bot enters a battle Move Speed increased by 30%
  • AI Level 2 (2000xp)

    A: Extra Heavy Payload B: Enhanced Payload
    Super shell damage increased by 40% , Super shell cooldown increased by 20% Explosive shell damage increased by 20%
  • AI Level 3 (5000xp)

    C: Splash Damage
    Explosive shell effect size increased by 20%
  • AI Level 4 (14000xp)

    A: Larger Vortex B: Tight Grip
    Vortex shell effect size increased by 30% Vortex shell immobilized duration increased by 50%
  • AI Level 5 (30000xp)

    A: Speedy Super B: Sustained Super
    Super shell starts 50% charged Super shell cooldown reduced by 20%


Stats Health Attack DPS Speed
Lvl 1 1568 75 96 6
Lvl 10 3301 117 226 6
Lvl 20 8562 555 709 6
Lvl 25 13790 739 943 6
Lvl 30 6

Upgrades Calculator

From level to
Default Essence pic Splasher Explosives Jet Fuel
Sputtering Generator Cold Battery Clear Oil

Gold: , also Shop Prices
All materials shop value: ( with Negotiation upgrade)

AI Builds

‘Nuke’ by BloodxReaper

  • AACAA: Heavily focused on its ult. Best paired with Ult CD Boosters and abilities like Gust to group enemies.

‘Consistent Dmg’ by BloodxReaper

  • ABCAB: Focused on basic attack. Mort has the highest atk spd amongst all the splashers at 0.78s, so he can dish out more dmg through basic atks than ult if you don’t have ult cdr abilities or are using them on recruits.


Evaluation by Soft

Brutes smaller, long-ranged cousin. Doesn’t deal as much damage, but has ranged damage with large splashing. Has a tendency to run away a lot and not know when to stop which infuriates people that use him a lot since he’s very slow. Definitely needs a helping hand from a good tank, but performs great when he does. Tier A.


  • Supercharged First Strike: When Mort is about to launch its Super Shell (Ult), you can hit Mort an ability that boost Mort’s damage like Supercharged Chaos Translocator (SCT) or Super Charge. See Combos
  • Group ‘em Up: Bots like Chainer and Lobbie can group the enemies making them a great pair! See Grouper Comps
  • Mort has the highest atk spd of every splasher(?) at 0.78s, so he can dish out more dmg through basic atks than ult if you don’t have cdr abilities
  • Has the potential to dish out more DMG if you lack Ult CD Boosters or are using them on Recruits.

Editor Updates

Last updated at: 2022-07-09

Contributors: BloodxReaper, Soft, OJ

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