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Recruits, how do they work ? They’re the most useful tool you have in Botworld Adventure once you know how to handle them: with love, care, and watchful supervision.

Jobs: they’re all listed in Jobs

Squad Cup: is described in Arena


  • 1st : boat lvl 4
  • 2nd : boat lvl 7
  • 3rd : boat lvl 11


Unlocked at Boat lvl 7, you can change their bots, abilities and boosters.

Make good use of it?


Every recruit fight is simulated, so synergies (bots+abilities+boosters) matter. A good recruit can punch above its weight.

Squad Cup

You won’t win that one alone!

Common strats

Distribute your high lvl bots for each recruit to make them equal to enemies

Tie Breaker

6 bots from you and your recruits fight 6 bots from opponents to define who will win. In tie breaker there will be bots with larger number of remaining health.

Information worth confirming


Important revenue stream, some pretty neat rares & epics, and sometimes the easier way to get some annoying Boat mats

Recruits is the best way to get coins. There’s a lots of job where you can earn 100, 600 or even 2000 if you enough lucky.

Jobs options reset every 6h

Full Jobs list


if you’re waiting for Uberbot, try and pick short jobs so you know you’ll have a chance to pick Uberbot at every reset



1 recruit = 1 less fight. Neat for Bosses/Megas !


That’s not your job, let them do it for you!

But make sure you tanking damage from energy guns, or your recruit protection will be way weaker.



“Hard to mess up” objective

Recruits are dumb. It’s less about giving them a powerful comp, than it is about giving them tools they won’t hurt themselves with.

Don’t think can this bot/ability do good with this recruit? but rather can my recruit use this bot/ability so poorly it doesn’t even help it win a fight ?

Avoid: easily-disabled bots

You’ll see a recruit place a Mort in melee range of a bot, or fail to protect Mort if it’s too close. Placing Scatter or Brute too far away from the fight achieve the same result of doing absolutely nothing.

Any bot that needs a combo or some kind of help from the player (placement, supporting bots or abilities, etc) will do poorly in the hand of a recruit

Suggested list of Bots to Avoid on your recruits: Mort, Brute, Scatter, Flamer, Beat, Bigshot (without Stun Immunity), etc…

Prioritize: self-reliant bots

On the other hand, bots like Rocketeer and Dune Bug are very self-reliant bots, as most Evaders and Splashers (veto Mort) tend to be. Their reliable damage, mobility, and effectiveness in hands-off situations lend them to be more beneficial for recruits to pilot.

Suggested list of Bots to Prioritize on your recruits:Rocketeer, Dune Bug, Ram, Thump, Fork, Virus, Pluggie, Longshot, etc…


The same reasoning applies, give them abilities that require anything like planning ahead and watch them fail miserably.

Ever seen a recruit using SCT endlessly on Brute ? I have, that’s fun, but achieve exactly nothing good:

  • Brute never gets in range of anything to hit
  • Spend every ounce of power available

All of a sudden the fight is 3 bots + botpack (the opponent) vs2 bots + no botpack (your recruit). Not great.

Thinking of giving your recruit Hasty Ground ? Well here’s hoping it uses it on KO and not Bigshot. etc.

Avoid abilities that can easily be wasted:Chaos Translocator, Supercharged Chaos Translocator,… more to add

Prioritize abilities that will always have a beneficial outcome:Hypercharge, Direct damage or Poison, Shield, Chaos boostermore to add

Try it out!

The best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t for a recruit comps, is simply to just go and spectate it in action. Either:

  • Squad Cup: whenever available. Take notes, maybe even record ?
  • Autobattle: load up the 4 bots you have in mind for your recruit comp, add 2 lvl 1 bots you have left in your boat, and have a few fights in the wild. It’s not the exact same thing but close enough that you will surely learn a lot, I know I have!

AI Priorities

The recruits/autobattle AI clearly has favorite bots/abilities and its own priority rules. AI LOVES to use Hyperdrain, even if ult is on 1% charged.

Anyone got data on that?

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