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Fires explosive rockets at its enemies. Especially effective against enemies that are grouped up.

Image of Rocketeer bot

Type Rarity Acquisition
Splasher Common Random Drop


knockback expert

AI Builds, Tips, etc.


  • Rocket Launcher

    Range: 2-10 , Attack Speed: 0.83s , Impact Radius: 2.5 , Energy Damage: 100%

    Fires an explosive rocket that deals damage to all enemies in the blast radius

  • Knockback

    Range: 3 , Cooldown: 6s , Impact Radius: 1 , Stun Duration: 1s , Knockback: Large , Energy Damage: 36%

    Blast enemies away

  • Rocket Swarm

    (ultimate) Rockets Fired: 10 , Impact Radius: 2.5 , Energy Damage: 43% , Range: 3-10 , Cooldown: 14s

    Fires a volley of rockets at an enemy

AI tree

  • AI Level 1 (500xp)

    A: Concussive Blast B: Potent Defense
    Knockback stun duration increased by 100% Knockback damage increased by 200%
  • AI Level 2 (2000xp)

    C: Speed Boost
    Move speed increased by 20%
  • AI Level 3 (5000xp)

    A: Shockwave B: Powerful Strikes
    All rocket explosions knockback enemies All attack damage increased by 20%
  • AI Level 4 (14000xp)

    A: Stay away B: Bigger Explosions
    Knockback cooldown reduced by 20% Size of all explosions increased by 20%
  • AI Level 5 (30000xp)

    A: Unstoppable B: Fast Reload
    Immune to slow and immobilizing effects Rocket swarm cooldown reduced by 20%


Stats Health Attack DPS Speed
Lvl 1 1120 70 84 14
Lvl 10 2358 165 198 14
Lvl 20 6116 428 514 14
Lvl 25 9850 689 828 14
Lvl 30 14

Upgrades Calculator

From level to
Default Essence pic Splasher Explosives Layered Fiberglass
Cold Battery Hardened Fiberglass Rusty Cog

Gold: , also Shop Prices
All materials shop value: ( with Negotiation upgrade)

AI Builds

‘Knockback Build’ by Gold

  • ACABA: Pure knockback build. Good for interrupting bigshot.

‘Troll Build’ by Hex

  • BCAAA: Build for complete annoyance.


Evaluation by Soft

Rocketeer fills the niche of countering some specific bots with constant knockback CC. Bigshots charging gets interrupted by it, Pupils ramping, those are just examples. He deals respectable damage too and is the only common bot that has three abilities. An absolute fantastic early game bot. Tier B.

Editor Updates

Last updated at: 2022-07-09

Contributors: Gold, Hex, Soft

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