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Can't decide what ability to use? This bot can play a random ability for you!

Image of Shuffle bot

Type Rarity Acquisition
Support Epic Season then Drop


Intended to be an rng bot with the ability of using different botpack abilities, Shuffle turns out to be far better than people have expected as it is able to easily wipe out most foes.

AI Builds, Tips, etc.


  • Discus

    Range: 10, Physical Damage: 100%, Attack Speed: 0.66s

    Shuffle throws a disc across the arena

  • Remix

    Range: 20, Cooldown: 10s, Min Ability Energy: 4, Max Ability Energy: 5

    Casts a random botpack ability within a range of power costs

  • (ultimate)

AI tree

  • AI Level 1 (500xp)

    A: Charge B: Drain
    Attacks charge ultimate on hit Attacks reduce ultimate charge on hit
  • AI Level 2 (2000xp)

    A: Sustain B: Burst
    Remix cooldown reduced by 25% Remix power cost of possible botpack abilities +1
  • AI Level 3 (5000xp)

    C: Fast Forward
    Remix starts 50% charged
  • AI Level 4 (14000xp)

    A: Powerlink B: Randomized
    Gives 1 botpack power when Remix is used 10% chance to teleport to a random location when hit by a melee attack
  • AI Level 5 (30000xp)

    A: Long Range B: Brawl Mode
    Attack range increased by 20% Attack range reduced by 30%, Health increased by 20%


Stats Health Attack DPS Speed
Lvl 1 1400 50 76 12
Lvl 10 2947 165 250 12
Lvl 20 7645 428 649 12
Lvl 25 12312 689 1045 12
Lvl 30 12

Upgrades Calculator

From level to
Default Essence pic Support Chip Hard Botplates
Mini Sensor Frost Fuel Sparky Wires

Gold: , also Shop Prices
All materials shop value: ( with Negotiation upgrade)

AI Builds

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Last updated at: 2022-7-9

Contributors: O.J, Echio

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