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Starter Bots


300px inline starter ram300px inline starter thump300px inline starter froggy


Charges head-first into battle and knocks its enemies all over the arena. High mobility and high damage.

Role: Chaser - Chasers are fast melee bots that are good at getting close to ranged enemies.

Ram is overpowered, but sometimes you just cant control him. Ram can easily throw enemy brawler to your sniper, so be careful.

NEVER use him in Chainer combos


A ranged bot with a slowing slime attack, powerful legs to leap away from enemies, and a devstating poison tank ultimate.

Role: Evader - Evaders are fast bots that are good at staying away from melee enemies.

Has low hp, but can easily destroy a bunch of enemies with his ability. Slowing effect is also useful.


A tough bot that leaps into the fray to protects its teammates.

Role: Tank - Tank soak up damage and protect weaker bots.

Dont underestimate Thump! In good hands his stunning abilities is a great choice against snipers and evaders.

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