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The Story


All you gotta do from Tutorial Island to rebooting you-know-who.

  • Mission: Defeat the Pirate Captain

If you want to upgrade your boat to lvl 13 you’ll need to defeat the Pirate Captain. But where is she? Try to complete as many Story quests as you can and you’ll finally reach the Quest to defeat her. She appears on a broken ship in Cactus Fields, Parched Sea.

Pirate Captain is a NPCPirate Captain is a NPC

Characters (NPCs)

Every interesting character you’ll meet in the Botworld Adventure

  • Larry

    200px Larry is a NPC

    Larry is scammer lizard who likes to send you to dangerous missions. Also you can find him in Danger zones selling cold batteries

  • Mayor

    200px Mayor is a NPC

    Mayor of the Scrapper Coast, always thinks about his ratings and opponents. Sends you to do something that will help town to grow (or to destroy his opponents)

  • Brad

    200px Brad is a NPC

    Owner of the Arena, first Arena Master and Arena Judge. How he does this all alone? Practice makes perfect.

  • Melanie

    Melanie is a NPC Mellanie

    Mayor’s opponent, quit politics to become bandit chief, after you defeated her, she goes to Parched sea and becomes Pirate Captain

  • Mia

    200px Mia is a NPC

    Barrie bot with memory of human woman. Has the most cutest and sad backstory ever. Dont think saving memories will leave her happy, at least, she would understand she just a barrie, who she was until flash.

  • Hack

    200px Hack is a NPC

    The best friend of Mad Scientist and professional in making gadgets

  • Mad Scientist

    200px Mad Scientist is a NPC

    She is a Mad Scientist who doing mad stuff. Creates strange machines and REALLY hates to lose

  • Reginald

    200px Reginald is a NPC

    4th Arena Master, true gentelmen and cavalier. Participating in side quest where tries to return back his honour (unsuccesful)

  • Rani

    200px Rani is a NPC

    Young botmaster who lived in Parched Sea until she comes to Scavanger’s landing to become great Botmaster. Just like you. You both are so similar.

  • Bellamy

    200px Bellamy is a NPC

    Another scammer like Larry but with one caveat - he scams PIRATES. Maybe this is why he is hardest boss in story quest?

  • Jack

    200px Jack is a NPC

    5th Arena Master. After he was defeated in Arena he went to Spore Wood and his KO got corrupted, but Mad Scientist cured him. Has best moustaches in whole Botworld

  • Strange lifeform

    200px Strange lifeform is a NPC

    Megamushroom from Spore Wood. It was part from mushrooms megamind but then bots come and Botworld happened. Dont try to talk with it without Mushroom cap.

  • Plant Gang Guru

    200pxPlant Gang Guru is a NPC

    Plant Gang Guru. You dont need to know more about Plant Gang Guru.

  • Coggy

    200px Coggy is a NPC

    Maybe it’s AI isn’t that polished as Pest control’s, it’ll explain you a lot about Botworld lore. Likes burgers.

  • Pest control

    300px Pest Control is a NPC

    Rude robots that want to destroy all lifeform in Botworld. Funny guy, defeat his Exterminators to have dialogue with him and get rewards


Cool places to visit

Scrapper Coast

Scrapper Coast is a NPC

Central fountain in Scavenger’s landing. If you look around, you can see famous places like Arena, Market, Barbershop. Feel free to go there if you tired from all those fights

Great Desert

Great Desert is a NPC

In center of Great Desert you can see a strange monument that soaking up sun energy. Some of local residents think its a big scratching post.

Fall Grove

Fall Grove is a NPC

In left corner of Fall Grove there is beautiful lake, named Croaking Lake. Favourite place for Botmasters fishermans.

Saltwater Swamp

Saltwater Swamp is a NPC

If you like risk (and Froggies), you can visit Abandoned Laboratory where Swamp Monster was created

Parched Sea

Parched Sea is a NPC

Casa Insetto, restaurant where you can taste delicious bug soup. Dont say its disgusting if you didnt tried yet!

Spore Wood

Spore Wood is a NPC

The capital of Spore Wood - Fungal Hills. Large toadstools grow near odd houses and if you’ll try to find right path you can meet Strange Lifeform itself. Be aware of Plant Gang Members, they are something more that just communists

Ashen Shore

Ashen Shore is a NPC

In Fate’s end you can see giant bones. What creature could had such big bones? Even Coggy doesnt know.

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