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Recruits Jobs

Update: #tbc

if you have added something to the page but the information is not confirmed yet, put that piece of info within square brackets [ and ] (just like a link) and add (#tbc) to it.

PS: we need better color suggestions for part :)

(lvl-X is not right 100%, idk how it really works yet)


  • 8h 125 gold, lvl-6, safe, common
  • 24h 891 gold, lvl-2, dangerous, special
  • 48h 625 gold, lvl-6, safe, common
  • 24h 1146 gold, lvl-3, dangerous, rare


  • 6h 25 (26?) tokens, lvl-4, risky, common
  • 24h 52 tokens, lvl-6, safe, common
  • 12h 76 tokens, lvl-1, dangerous, special
  • 16h 165 tokens, lvl-1, diabolical, rare

Botpack modules

  • 6h common, lvl-6, safe, common
  • 9hr special
  • 18h rare, lvl-2, dangerous, rare


  • 8h 50 common, lvl-6, safe, common
  • 8-12h 9-10 special, lvl-4, safe, special
  • 18h 2 rare, lvl-3, risky, rare

Unique jobs

  • Uberbot, epic (p1= 12h, risky ; p3 = virus)
  • Trash into treasure (p3? = icewall)
  • A simple job
  • Robot X
  • Field Work (p2 = barrier)

Uberbot p2

Robot X p1

Field Work p1


Replacement, 24h, lvl1, safe, common

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