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WikiWeek, Community Event

From Monday 2022-07-04 21h CET, to Monday 2022-07-11 21h CET

Edit wiki, get gems!


  1. Thank You Featherweight
  2. Important
  3. Rewards
  4. Rules
  5. Documentation
    a. How WikiWeek works
    b. How to prepare a valuable contribution
    c. How to use Editor Mode to edit content
    d. How to use the WikiSheet to update Bots, Botpack modules, Materials, etc…

Thank you Featherweight

A big thanks to the devs for their support to our project and this event!

Also it needs to be perfectly clear that this event, like this wiki, is self-organized by community members, and not by FW itself. Any complains (and praise? :P) should be addressed accordingly.


The goal and purpose of this event is to introduce more of you to the wiki’s internal workings, have you explore its content a bit more, and walk you through the first steps of contributing to it.

It’s a group project

We can only give so many rewards, but you musn’t see this as a competition. Or only so much as it may motivate you to write an even more awesome guide than your neighbor. We want to welcome and reward new contributors, and making valuable edits is only part of it. For the event to be a success you will all need to be able to coordinate with each other, collaborate maybe, share tips and help each other definitely.

You don’t need to know how to code!

We’ve been careful from the start of the project to make it as accessible as possible, to everyone. Regardless of their tech know-how, or hardware. Everything that’s expected from you in this event can be done with a mobile, even though it’s of course often more comfortable from a laptop or desktop.

You will still have to read and learn some stuff

We wrote tutorials, documentation, etc, to offer every bit of information you should need to do your first steps in the project. You will have to read it though. We will do our best to have people as available as possible to answer any question, and help you through any hiccup. Any help you need, ask about it in the #wiki-contributions thread :)

This is a volunteer project, with its flaws and limitations

We’re very proud of our wiki, but it is still a little side-project built on goodwill and free time. Depending on the reception of this event, we may find out that it struggles to bear the load of too much activity. We’re in this together, and whatever difficulties we encounter, we’ll find ways to work around it! Once again, group project, and collaboration. The same is true to the organization of the wikiweek event itself: if our small team is too solicited, we’ll have to rely on other participants to help and guide newcomers.

Trust, but verify

You will be granted access to change and edit the wiki directly. We expect everyone to act responsibly and be the most considerate of every party involved: the wiki itself, others contributions, featherweight… We (wiki staff) won’t tolerate any abuse of the access we’re sharing, and reserve the right to update the rules accordingly without notice, as well as removing individuals from the event. Up to cancelling the WikiWeek altogether.

Note: this only applies to purposedly harmful behavior. Good-faith mistakes can totally happen, and you musn’t be afraid to make some, that’s kinda part of the learning process. You will have guidelines to follow to reduce the risk to a minimum, but if you did an oopsie, just let us know as soon as possible and so we can restore it shortly ;)


Community appreciation

Wiki Staff picks



General wiki doc for reference

How WikiWeek works

How to prepare a valuable contribution

How to use Editor Mode to edit content

Editor Mode usage demo

Note: chat with others in the thread so you don’t realize mid-way that someone else just did what you had in mind and started already…

Safety talk: local backup so no risk of losing anything


Editor Mode full doc for reference

How to use the WikiSheet to update Bots, Botpack modules, Materials, etc…

WikiSheets are google sheets that we use to document everything there is to know about everything listed above.

Here’s what they look like, sorry that’s how it is for now… Don’t get scared, what you don’t understand is what’s optional, and before anything there goes into the wiki we will review and complete as necessary.

(demo copies you can’t edit yet, to illustrate. Still open for comments but we won’t be checking, so if you put interesting stuff there tell us about it on discord)

Just identify the cells you understand what they’re doing, and if you see missing/wrong info, you’ve probably got a contribution worth doing already!

Wikisheets & Entities full doc for reference

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